Friday, March 1, 2019

Paid Opportunity for Native Spanish Speakers

Hiya! My job at Appen has a new AI learning project - voice recordings for Spanish accented English - and I'm looking for people to take part. While I know a few of you personally, I will need a bit of help getting this to the right people.
In order to qualify to participate, you must be a native Spanish speaker and able to record 200 short sentences in English on a free app from the Google Play Store.
💵💵Completed sessions that pass our quality check receive $10 USD. Participation takes on average only 45 minutes. 
‼️This project requires the use of a registration app for Android devices (smartphone or tablet). * Note that this is not currently valid on other devices or operating systems (for example, iPhone or iPad). 
📲If you have a valid Android device and want to participate, send me a private message to give you further details and instructions.

Please feel free to share! I appreciate the help!

- All participants must be over 18 years of age, native speakers of Spanish (any Latin American accent, no Mexican) and fluent in English reading.
- Each participant can participate only once and each one needs an Android device.
- Participants must live in Mexico or the United States as the application is not available in other countries.
- At least 150 of the 200 phrases must meet quality standards.

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