Friday, March 16, 2012


As of this post, we are *just* over 28 days to the Con!

It has been a rollercoaster of a month (and I do mean since Mid-February)!

There were some moments where we weren't sure whether the fates were going to cooperate with us financially, or transportationally as far as the Con was concerned, but at the moment, it looks like things have smoothed themselves out and we're back on track!!

We've had multiple shipments of things come in this week to finish up our jewelry. We've revamped our keychains and they look completely awesome! The ArtCards and prints are in and look amazing! The squirrely plush's are taking over the house. The bottles and charms are moving along slowly, but surely. Tables are paid for and final plans are in the work for the Con. AND I'm double-checking with two buddies of mine to lay out some of their wares as well!!

The only things I need to report that might not happen is the wooden items.
Our weather of late has been far too sporadic to get any decent work done, and painting anything is prettymuch out of the question due to the amount of moisture in the air.

Once we move into some more stable weather, Shad will get back to experimenting with those and updates will come up on the site as he does. I for one am excited to see some of the things he has in his head come to fruition!!

Going back to the Keychains - Anyone who bought one from us last year - if you bring it back to the Con and let us know - WE WILL UPGRADE IT FOR FREE!!  The new ones are studier, more flexible and just way cooler than last year's model! And as always, we want happy customers!

I still have pins to order and Shad and I need new duds to wear, but all in all, we're down to the pinning and threading stage of it all. 

I know we have a couple of fans out there that are excited to see what we have coming up and we are really excited to see the great people we met last year again. 

If anyone out there wants to pre-order and have us set something aside for them so we can make sure what you want doesn't sell before you arrive - LET US KNOW!

See you in 4 weeks!!

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