Monday, February 6, 2012

The Plushies are Coming!!!

We have been working hard to get the plushies done so that we can move on to other things.
Every one of these is sewn by hand, so it's a bit slow going, haha.

Currently, we have three different styles (please pardon my desk clutter... :)

On the left in black, you can see the sitting squirrel logo, which is a flat, pillow-type plush. The grey, brown and black, long "fallen squirrel" logos are also flat pillow types. In the center, we have a 3-d type sitting logo squirrel who will come in various sizes. We will also have a few different sizes of him. Some will have dice (12's, 20's and 10's) others will not.

Here is another image of our 3D-type sitting squirrels :)

We will be selling the flat squirrels for $5 each. The large size sitting plush (he is 9 inches) will be $15 and smaller versions of him (they are about 6 inches) will be $10. We will take pre-orders for larger sizes.

Because they are hand-sewn no two will be exactly alike. We are also using a variety of fabrics for varying textures so some are super fuzzy, while others are simple felt.

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