Monday, January 2, 2012

Gearing up for UBCon 23!!!

Well, I've just sent off an email to the Artist Liasons for UBCon23!

We're super excited for this year, as we have so much more to display, sell and offer in general!

Shad will have several of his wooden weapons to display as well as some to sell. We are hoping to have a nice selection of Japanese weapons (katana, wakisashi, throwing stars, masamune...) as well as your medieval ones and some anime-esque pieces as well.

I will have a much wider selection of prints to sell this year at much lower pricing than last year thanks to being able to print from home! So I will have 8x10's on hand for $10 and will be taking orders for larger pieces & commissions.

We will also have a much wider selection of jewelry (and yes, we will have squirrels!) with a more "jewelry-like" quality to them. The cost will be lower, with a slightly higher cost for sterling and just about everything will be "mix-n-match" for findings!

I am still working on the plushies and other silliness as well, so this year we will be looking at two full tables and a LOT more to look at.

We've even thought about a couple little surprises ;)

Hope to see you there!!!

April 13th - 15th, 2012!!

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