Monday, November 28, 2011

Help for Caesar

Caesar, our English Bulldog, began having seizures last night at 7:30pm. Since then, we have been calling animal hospitals and emergency care centers attempting to locate someone who would see him. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a vet in the area who is willing to take payments.

We were quoted upwards of $1800 for treatment to include several days of boarding, blood work, and other tests to determine the cause and treatment for him. There is no way that we can afford this payment in full. We have $500 from CareCredit, but this is not enough for the initial down-payment for his treatment - the rest of which would have to be paid before we could take him home (within three days).

Because most donation sites require several days to clear, and because we need the money urgently, I have set up a donation button through my paypal account. You can enter any amount - and we would be most grateful for any help whatsoever.

Thank you all for your help!!

And because we are all too aware of what season it is, and that everyone is tight right now, this is not a handout we are asking for. Anything that is not used to pay this bill will be refunded on Monday the 5th. Anything that goes toward the bill we will either exchange commissions (for my work or Shad's) or will be repaid when we are able in February out of our taxes.

Caesar has been a joy to us since we brought him home three years ago. Yesterday was his third birthday. Please help us save our best friend so that he will be with us for many more birthdays to come.

Thank you, so much.

Val / Vaia
Skyler, Damien, Duffy
and Caesar

Minor Update - Sunday Night
He is at the vet, and will be there until they can get his seizures under control. He had one while we were talking to the doctor - which, while it wasn't what we wanted to happen, was good in it's own way. For now, costs will add up at $300 per day until they say he can come home and must be paid before he *can* come home. All we can do is wait to hear from them and see how he is doing...right now, I'm glad he's there, and I am truly grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. ♥ Anything you can do to help, is truly appreciated.

Now...I am going to take a much needed nap until I can call and check on my puppy. ♥

Update - Monday
Spoke to the vet himself earlier and we decided it's best for Caesar to stay with them until tomorrow - better to make sure they have him properly medicated and find the proper dosage than to send him home, risk the chance of him having another seizure at home and us needing to get him back out there again. He did have another seizure last night while he was with them, but was still doing much better. Hopefully by tomorrow morning they will have everything figured out and he won't have any more - even if he will have to take pills twice a day for the rest of his life.

Update - Tuesday/Wednesday:

Caesar is finally home as of yesterday afternoon, and doing fairly well. He has had no further seizures and we are very thankful for that. However, because of all of the seizures he did have, he is in a lot of pain just from muscle soreness and being sedated for almost three days. We've found a trick to get him to take his pills, and are trying to keep him moving as much as possible, but his little legs are having trouble lifting the other 65 pounds of him. He is better than he was when we brought him home though, so there's progress, but if I am MIA, it's because he is my top priority right now, and we aren't getting much sleep. I feel like I have a newborn again...

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