Monday, October 31, 2011

And the Winners Are!!!

The Winning Names in our "Name That Squirrel" Contest are:

First Place: Pip(squeak)
Chosen because dice...have pips :)

Second Place: Mim(nut)
Chosen cause it was cute...Mim is our lady squirrel.

Third is: Frolic
Because it's just screams to be one....

And in 4th: Ignatius
because we just liked it, lol.

The images are subject to change, and there are a couple other characters we have decided to add into our mix as well - Uncle Angus MacNutty (Weapon Commissions) and after one other that I am plotting for Art Comissions (who isn't a squirrel at all).

Thank you to everyone who sent in a name :)
We'll me contacting those of you who won something soon!

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