Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, two weeks later and the basement is STILL flooded.

This unfortunately makes for very slow going for us, however we have been working on some items in our Zazzle store, and experimenting with new jewelry ideas as well as working on a few other projects that we've had in mind. I've also been talking to some folks about the Mini-Con in October at UB, and the possibility of shipping some items out to other conventions for display.At the moment, I am working on stocking up with Art Cards and Bookmarks for the shows and working on some fan art images (both anime and non-anime).

Shad has been desperate to get into the basement, so as soon as the rain stops, we should be able to add several more items to the weapon display. For now everything needs to dry out and hopefully we will be able to fix the leaks once the rainy season finally leaves us.

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