Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three more days!!

Tuesday already?! 0.0

Well, our backdrop is about two-thirds complete, and tonight and tomorrow I will be getting it done. Today we are running out to do a few things and picking up the fabric to make the dice for the sign.

Our tee shirts should be arriving today, and the business cards tomorrow. Shad has finished making the racks for our keychains and necklaces, and our plotting has led to the discussion of several nifty things that will be gracing these pages in the future (like clocks, wall plaques, and sculptural dice)!

I have a 16x20 print that I will either be selling or auctioning at the Con:

...and several smaller prints, some framed, some not.

We will be having our own raffles over the course of the con in addition to having items entered in the Con's Chinese Benefit Auction. These items will include keychains, necklaces, prints of your choosing from my deviantart account and possibly one of my art books.

So lots of good things happening this week! and just a few days left until this Squirrel makes it's first public appearance!


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