Monday, April 11, 2011

New stuff!

So after the great success of the Busters and Keyblades yesterday, we will be listing commissions for both later today. We will have both higher end (for display) and lower end (for cosplay) versions and may offer a mid range as well. Shad's eternal struggle to keep the prices low while stressing his rigorous quality control rages on, haha. And for sheer kitsch value, there will be a line of mini-blades - 6 to 12 inch versions of the larger models.

We will also be posting squirrel plushies soon. These will range in size from 6 inches to possibly 2 feet. But we had a lot of people asking at the Convention for squirrels, so we're obliging :)

Keep checking back over the next few days for new stuff! I will be getting things up on the site as quickly as I can!


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