Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from a short vacation - with apologies!

Well, we took a short break from running like lunatics, and are now trying to get things sorted and posted as planned.

Shad is taking commissions for wooden weapon replicas from video games, movies, books, comics and anime as well as medieval replicas of hammers, maces, swords, etc. Here are a couple examples:

keyblade replicabuster replica

All of his replicas are to scale and made of wood, painted to your specifications. Prices vary depending on the design.

We have also been trying to sort the jewelry that we have left from UBCon and to get more of the smaller dice for earrings and charms. These went pretty quick and most ladies seemed to think that understated dice earrings were better than full sized. We are going to start selling matched d10 earrings as opposed to percentile earrings since some folks asked about these as well.

Our squirrely plushies are in production in black, brown and tan. Some of these will be one-of-a-kind as we try and decide which ones we like best and which will hold up to machine washing. So far, the cat loves them, the dog wants them and the kids think they're super cute so we're on a winning streak in-house, haha.

So stay tuned this week for posts here, updates to some of the pages still under construction, new products up on Etsy and possibly some more info about upcoming stuff we have in the works.


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