Friday, April 8, 2011

Back from Day 1 of UBCon XXII!!!

Well, it was a short day today, but was a good one. We sold a couple of prints and had several people stop and ask about the jewelry and got some sales there as well, so we're pleased!

We arrived a little later than we'd planned, but several people showed up well after 4PM, so no problems getting in and set up. We found a great table against the wall, with good traffic, so no problems there either :)

Everyone was friendly and the con folks are very helpful, so all in all was an excellent day and we're really looking forward to tomorrow when we will have a full range of stuff out, and hopefully since it's actually the weekend, more people will be coming through.

Here's a few pics to share as well!

Our little table setup. The sign is lower today since we're under an overhang, but will be up higher when we get the feet cut to fit, lol. Next year - two tables for sure!

 Keychains!! Shad was putting these together while people were still showing up. Made the rack himself, too!

 Please ignore my dashboard. Just a few of the little charms we'll be selling and soon we'll have chainmail bracelets for the site as well.
The Firebug's side of the table. I have some prints at the table, but am taking orders for anything displayed in the books :)

So if you are in the area, and didn't stop by today, come by tomorrow Noon to 8PM to see us!

We're located in the back left corner of the Flag Room on the Second Floor of the Student Union.

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