Thursday, February 28, 2019

Unique fabrics and papers!

This is how the fabric shop is looking right now. Not everything is available for purchase, but if you see a pattern you particularly like, we can fast track it for you! All patterns will be available in fabric and wrapping paper. Some will be available as wallpaper as well. And as a reminder - WE DO CUSTOM WORK!! If you are looking for a specific type of pattern for your project, feel free to contact us and we can design something just for you! Fabric options and prices are listed on the first image.

On a Sidenote: Do you need a little extra income??

As a small business owner, my income tends to fluxuate wildly. Sometimes I need to padd this imcome with jobs I've found online. Many of us have no idea where to start, where to look, or just how many Work-at-Home (W@H) jobs there actually are out there. I don't normally do posts like this, but because it has helped me so much, I feel obligated to share with others.

I have found many W@H opportunites through an email list called RatRaceRebellion. They are now offering a class/video course to help maximize the usage of their site and help others find work.

As an affiliate, I'm offering 20% off their course "How to Find a Work from Home Job or Gig in 30 Days or Less" when you use the code AFF20OFF.

This brings the cost of their class from $49.99 down to $39.20.

There are TONS of solid W@H opportunities out there. Some are limited to certain states, but I have seen many large companies offer these opportunities full or part time from home.

If you're looking to help pad your income, or possibly even to change what you're doing altogether, I highly recommend giving this a shot.