Saturday, September 22, 2018

About those pop-up ads...

I'm sure you've seen these ads on your timeline, or something similar to it. Some fantastic piece of clothing, or a gadget, or a miracle cure - "Today only! 50%-75% off! Free shipping!" or better yet "FREE! (just pay shipping)"

Did you ever wonder how places can do that and still make a profit? Well, it's because they're getting these products at a fraction of that sale cost.

Wholesalers buy product and sometimes put their own tags on them so that they can sell them as a brand. All these pop-up businesses that you've never heard of before, but are now suddenly everywhere do this. Many of them are wholesalers or warehouses overseas that showcase their merchandise (overstock) online for a "sale price". The problem is - and you can check the comment threads in a lot of these posts - that ordering these items is often more expensive than it seems, receiving the items often takes months, ordering the right size is confusing (some don't explain Asian sizing), and returns are a nightmare.

Now, why did I single out this ad? Quite honestly because I own that shirt. I purchased it through wholesale a few years ago. It's obviously still popular, they even use the same photos throughout the wholesale community. I just want to point out to people what's going on with these stores. This goes for makeup, clothing, kitchen gadgets...almost anything you see in these ads.

That $19.99, 50% off top in the ad; I bought it for $15.
The second and third pics are taken directly from a site I used to buy my products, showing that you can purchase this for less than their "sale", and from multiple different wholesalers.

This is what I do. My job is literally to find the best deal for you. And yes, I need to make a profit too, but I'm upfront about my charges, help you get the right sizes, guarantee what you purchase, and I'm reachable... which is sometimes a big problem.

So my challenge to you, to challenge us! Have you seen something in an advertisement on Facebook that you think is interesting? Not willing to spend $20 on a whim?
Drop us the link to what you're interested in and give us 24 hours. We're not asking you to purchase (though that would be awesome), all we're asking is that if we can beat the cost, you give us a like and tell your friends.

Let us work for you and help you save money!