Sunday, April 15, 2012

UBCon wrap-up!

We had an awesome weekend at UBCon!
Thank you to everyone that stopped by to see us!

There were loads of amazing artists and vendors! We saw lots of our friends from last year and made several new ones. We made a lot of sales and couldn't be happier about the outcome :)

Over the next few weeks we will be posting the remaining inventory here, on our Etsy site and on facebook.
So if there is anything that you missed, keep an eye out!

And don't forget that we are OPEN for commissions of every kind! Bottles, dice, squirrels and art!
Just drop us an email at Orders @ AccidentalSquirrel (dot) Com!

Thanks again for a great weekend and hope to see you all at Mini-Con!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Final Countdown!

Less than  a week left before UBCon23!

We've gotten all but about half a dozen of our bottled jewelry pieces finished. The squirrels have taken over the house. The prints and cards are already boxed up and ready to go along with our fliers, pins and business cards.
Shad's making a big push over the next week to get more of the dice done after the Creeping Crud took over the house and left him fighting off a Muck Demon for the last few weeks. After a break with family tomorrow for Easter we'll be doing the last push of parts and prop shopping to make sure we can cover the tables and display all our stuff.

We'll also be selling some work by a friend of mine, Ladyelf, that is in dire straights at the moment. Her prints will be for sale at our table over the weekend. She's surprising me with what she's sending, but you can be sure her work will be amazing! You can view some of her older work here: [link]

And just as a reminder - Commissions ARE open!
We will be taking custom orders for everything all weekend! 
So if you don't see something that you'd like, just let us know!
Depending on what is ordered Shipping will either be free or $2 - $5.
And if you're local, we can also arrange to drop something off directly.

Hope to see you there!!

You can see more product images on our Facebook Page.