Friday, December 16, 2011

Back to "normal" in the land of the Squirrels...

The last 4 weeks have been very stressful. There have been a lot of things going on here and unfortunately, we have had very little opportunity to update things.

However, on the up side, Caesar is doing well, and we have managed to redo almost our entire stock of earrings, necklaces and charms. This reboot is mainly due to learning new things about jewelry making and finding new methods of mounting things. Come April/May at Convention time we should be fully stocked and have a lot more things that will appeal to folks out there (and yes! we have squirrels!)

Currently, we are working on gift boxes, clocks, wooden weapon replicas, dice jewelry, art prints, book marks, plushies and a few other fun things that are still in the beginning processes down in the dungeon.

We hope to be able to post several new images within the next few weeks as well :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Help for Caesar

Caesar, our English Bulldog, began having seizures last night at 7:30pm. Since then, we have been calling animal hospitals and emergency care centers attempting to locate someone who would see him. Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a vet in the area who is willing to take payments.

We were quoted upwards of $1800 for treatment to include several days of boarding, blood work, and other tests to determine the cause and treatment for him. There is no way that we can afford this payment in full. We have $500 from CareCredit, but this is not enough for the initial down-payment for his treatment - the rest of which would have to be paid before we could take him home (within three days).

Because most donation sites require several days to clear, and because we need the money urgently, I have set up a donation button through my paypal account. You can enter any amount - and we would be most grateful for any help whatsoever.

Thank you all for your help!!

And because we are all too aware of what season it is, and that everyone is tight right now, this is not a handout we are asking for. Anything that is not used to pay this bill will be refunded on Monday the 5th. Anything that goes toward the bill we will either exchange commissions (for my work or Shad's) or will be repaid when we are able in February out of our taxes.

Caesar has been a joy to us since we brought him home three years ago. Yesterday was his third birthday. Please help us save our best friend so that he will be with us for many more birthdays to come.

Thank you, so much.

Val / Vaia
Skyler, Damien, Duffy
and Caesar

Minor Update - Sunday Night
He is at the vet, and will be there until they can get his seizures under control. He had one while we were talking to the doctor - which, while it wasn't what we wanted to happen, was good in it's own way. For now, costs will add up at $300 per day until they say he can come home and must be paid before he *can* come home. All we can do is wait to hear from them and see how he is doing...right now, I'm glad he's there, and I am truly grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. ♥ Anything you can do to help, is truly appreciated.

Now...I am going to take a much needed nap until I can call and check on my puppy. ♥

Update - Monday
Spoke to the vet himself earlier and we decided it's best for Caesar to stay with them until tomorrow - better to make sure they have him properly medicated and find the proper dosage than to send him home, risk the chance of him having another seizure at home and us needing to get him back out there again. He did have another seizure last night while he was with them, but was still doing much better. Hopefully by tomorrow morning they will have everything figured out and he won't have any more - even if he will have to take pills twice a day for the rest of his life.

Update - Tuesday/Wednesday:

Caesar is finally home as of yesterday afternoon, and doing fairly well. He has had no further seizures and we are very thankful for that. However, because of all of the seizures he did have, he is in a lot of pain just from muscle soreness and being sedated for almost three days. We've found a trick to get him to take his pills, and are trying to keep him moving as much as possible, but his little legs are having trouble lifting the other 65 pounds of him. He is better than he was when we brought him home though, so there's progress, but if I am MIA, it's because he is my top priority right now, and we aren't getting much sleep. I feel like I have a newborn again...

Monday, October 31, 2011

And the Winners Are!!!

The Winning Names in our "Name That Squirrel" Contest are:

First Place: Pip(squeak)
Chosen because dice...have pips :)

Second Place: Mim(nut)
Chosen cause it was cute...Mim is our lady squirrel.

Third is: Frolic
Because it's just screams to be one....

And in 4th: Ignatius
because we just liked it, lol.

The images are subject to change, and there are a couple other characters we have decided to add into our mix as well - Uncle Angus MacNutty (Weapon Commissions) and after one other that I am plotting for Art Comissions (who isn't a squirrel at all).

Thank you to everyone who sent in a name :)
We'll me contacting those of you who won something soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

New WIP's from the dungeons!

We've finally dried the basement out and Shad's been Working on several new weapons and items in the dungeons over the last week or so.  Here's just a quick peek!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Logo updates!

So in the madness this morning of waiting on emails, I decided to play around in 
photoshop and play with our happy little logo.
For a while now, he's needed the d20 added, and I've played with about 20 different versions of this one since I finished playing with it this morning, so it may go through a few more incarnations before we finalize, but I'm pretty happy with him :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Only a couple weeks left!!

We'll be announcing the winners of our "Name that Squirrel" contest on Halloween, 
so don't miss your chance at some fun prizes!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New stuff in the store!

For those who haven't visited yet, please check out our Zazzle store!

We have a wide variety of products available and are adding more all the time. If there is anything you would like to see from us, feel free to drop us an email.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apologies and new projects.

Hello squirrely peoples!

This update is long overdue, and I must extend our most sincere apologies for that. The last month or so has been trying, between the flooding in the basement, which was followed promptly by a drought and ridiculously high temps. Of all the things that render our working conditions useless - those are the top two. This hasn't stopped us from coming up with a myriad of ideas in the meantime, however! On the contrary, we have quite a few wheels turning and possible projects to pick up on once the situation here gets back to normal come September.

The most unfortunate thing is that we may not be able to attend the Mini-Con in October (as vendors, that is). We will still be announcing the winners of the "Name that Squirrel" contest and mailing out prizes, but there doesn't look like there will be enough time, money or inventory at this point to be ready by October - We'll just look forward to next year's UBCon instead :)

So, in the meantime, I want to throw a little teaser out there of one of our projects:

and also a little reminder of some things that we offer on a regular basis:

So rest assured, we are still here, and we are still conspiring! Thank you all for bearing with us and for supporting this nutty little venture!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Editing Available

While I don't discuss this often, I wanted to put up a reminder here at Graduation time and nearing the "Wedding Season" that I also do Photo Editing.

Photo Editing includes:
  • cleaning up that unsightly blemish that appeared at the last minute
  • swapping out the heads in family photos because someone yawned, sneezed or blinked,
  • changing a background (you took it at a party, but want to be in the woods)
  • editing out individuals to make a single portrait
  • Adding "wings" to a dearly departed loved one or pet for a memorial image

There are many different options for photo editing and I am always honest as to whether I believe I can finish the work to your specifications, and I am ALWAYS upfront about the cost and try to keep it reasonable as well as affordable - Usually around $20 per image with package deals available for multiple images.

Here are a few examples of my work. If you're looking for any sort of assistance, please don't hesitate to email me and ask for a quote.

Example of Photo Editing

Example of Memorial Portrait

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, two weeks later and the basement is STILL flooded.

This unfortunately makes for very slow going for us, however we have been working on some items in our Zazzle store, and experimenting with new jewelry ideas as well as working on a few other projects that we've had in mind. I've also been talking to some folks about the Mini-Con in October at UB, and the possibility of shipping some items out to other conventions for display.At the moment, I am working on stocking up with Art Cards and Bookmarks for the shows and working on some fan art images (both anime and non-anime).

Shad has been desperate to get into the basement, so as soon as the rain stops, we should be able to add several more items to the weapon display. For now everything needs to dry out and hopefully we will be able to fix the leaks once the rainy season finally leaves us.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A little preview...

I wanted to post a little teaser pic of something else we've been working on.

We are hoping that there will be several in the series; already we have thought of quite a few stories. All of them will be "gamer friendly" and self published.

This one will take a little while to put together due to the art work and formatting, but the story itself is really sweet with a moral I think everyone can take something away from.

We'll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The earrings are up!!

Now that we can get back into the shop, we've put up some of our earrings for sale.

They are $10 per pair and let me say the squirrels are SUPER cute!


Everything will be going up on Etsy later today, but you can order from us directly by sending a mail to Orders at Accidental Squirrel.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another day, another trip to Michaels...

So as is generally the case on Fridays, we went to pick up "a few things" so that we could finish a few projects to get them up online. Every time we do this, we find things to inspire us to make something different and expand our plans. Don't get me wrong, this is a good thing! - the next convention serves to be very interesting with a real variety of items to display - however limited budgets being sunken into startup costs of multiple products at once can get to be daunting.

Our goal in the end though isn't to mass produce anything. Even the dice jewelry is something we would eventually like to do on a custom basis, moving away from your simple d20 necklaces and single die earrings. Oh, I have plans, I do, haha. We want to cater to the gamer, the cosplayer, the convention goer, the LARPers, geeks and collectors.

The squirrel obsession is just a perk and side hobby :)

I am also doing a lot at the moment to push the Yggdrasil Project as it is something that's grown very near to us and that we would love to see take off. We'll be putting together fliers and taking donations at the conventions we go to next year so I am working on those things as well. We will more than likely be selling yggdrasil earrings and charms to help us fund the project in addition to planning for charity donations due to the monetary donations that have come in.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit it's all a little overwhelming, but I'm very pleased with the recent turn of events.

We can't complain.

So this weekend, keep an eye out for new products to go up. Hopefully the basement will dry out enough for Shad to be able to produce something for display. In any case, he has a lot up his sleeve as well, so stay tuned!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The last several days have been spent draining out our basement, which unfortunately contains our workshop. Yesterday was partially sunny and allowed things to dry out a little, and supposedly today will be more of the same, so we can finally get back to work!

We will also be working on some new things - art boxes! And we've also ordered our first few art trading cards.

Saturday, I will begin posting our squirrel earrings as well as more of our dice jewelry to our Etsy shop.

I also want to take a sec to remind folks that we are looking for fabric swatches! [Go here] to find out more!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Squirrels have arrived!!!

We just got our first shipment of squirrel beads and they are just too cute! We have silver, copper and gold to choose from (though the beads are not identical). So by next week we will have these up on Etsy for sale (if you're interested in preorders, let me know and I'll set them aside).

We also have some dragon earrings and will be selling Yggdrasil earrings to help fund the project as well :)

Today however, we are back to making squirrels! The plushie invasion continues!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Announcing The Yggdrasil Project

This project stems from a lifetime of searching; searching for acceptance for myself and my loved ones no matter what their sex, color, preferences, faults or pastimes. The idea is simple, to take small pieces of fabric sent in by others and create a quilt symbolizing Yggdrasil, The World Tree or Tree of Life.

Many years ago, I set out to unite a group of people of all religions, many of those people I consider today to be my closest friends. One of them, I married 13 years ago. It is through my experiences with those people, the love and support they have shown me over the years, their diversity of spirit, attitude, thinking and belief, that I want to extend those same branches and make something beautiful with the help of anyone who will offer it.

I have always been one to dream big. I think dreams should always be big. Dreams should reach to the sky and beyond, possibly out of reach, but always remaining in sight. They give us reason to move forward and strive to keep forging ahead. It is that principle that allows me to envision something hugely beautiful, even though it may be time consuming and equally huge in it's undertaking.

But the sky is the limit, as they say, and I am more than willing to take on that task if it means producing something that others can see as a symbol of unity, diversity, strength and hope.

That being said, we would like to hear from anyone willing to help. This project would be solely run on donations of material, scraps, batting, thread - anything necessary to make a quilt. It might also be of note that I sew by hand (as I do not own a sewing machine). Anyone willing to donate may send an email to Yggrdasil At Accidental Squirrel

Thank you to everyone who has already expressed their support. It is because of you that I have faith in unity.

You can find more information on the project as things progress on The Project Blog.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Craft stores love us...

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

The first commission prints from UBConXXII went out in the mail today! I'm really thrilled that I got to work on some new character races and that the clients were happy. I'm looking forward to working with the whole gaming group!

We went back to the craft store too for "experimental pieces" so Shad can do his mad scientist thing down in the dungeon and come up with a few more weapon types. Shields have been partially worked, but leather strapping in any decent length is on order so these need to wait a few weeks before completion.

He has a few flanged maces in the works and we've been toying with the idea of miniature flails and spiked maces that we couldn't sell full size because of their "real weapon potential".

As always I'm hunting for some good Anime for him to make replicas from. So far we're working on Enraiha from Kaze no Stigma and a few of the weapons from ./hack//Sign. If it would ever stop raining we might be able to get a little more done, but the weather hasn't really been partial to moving lumber around.

I've picked up some jewelry making essentials and ordered a few things for those folks who have been getting on to me about the lack of squirrely merchandise ;) Hopefully these will make you guys happy!


Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend project - SHIELDS!!

So Shad has decried that there are enough people out there who make swords - not that he isn't going to be making replicas, oh no, in fact the "To Do List" of swords alone is almost a page by itself! - He has just decided that he is going to start with some of the more unusual suspects.

This weekend, he is going to work on an 18" studded round shield and a 12" buckler, along with a revisit of the "Mysterious Disappearing Warhammer" (which no doubt will turn up again as soon as this one is completed).

Stay tuned, Squirrely Minions!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Commission Pricing

I received a note the other evening about some confusion with my character commission prices, so I thought I should put up something to clarify with a few examples. :)

Basic Commissions:
  • Basic commissions start at $25 with a $5 non-refundable downpayment. These include a 3/4 or full size image with a simple background. Full body images have a plain black, white or grey background with shadows for effect. 3/4 images may have a colored background.

* addition of animal would increase final cost - varying on difficulty.

Full Commissions:
  • Full Commissions consist of a full character image with a background that may contain props and imagery. These start at $50 with a $10 non-refundable downpayment. Backgrounds may include some landscaping, castle walls, animals and some props, but complex backgrounds that contain a great deal of plant life, complex castles and  or mountain ranges, etc. would fall into the next category.
  • Two character Basic Commission would also fall into this price range.

Complete Commissions:
  • Prices for Complete Commissions begin at $75 and increase depending on the difficulty of the image requested. These include multiple characters, complex backgrounds and the addition of complex, poseable props such as wings. A non-refundable downpayment of $20 or more (depending on the quote of the final cost) would be charged before work began. A detailed description of the image would be needed and any major changes during the course of the commission may incur further costs, depending on how far along the piece is at the time.

Group Commissions:
  • Gaming groups can request a Group Commission which consists of multiple Basic Commissions with a final Complete Commission. For a small additional fee added to each Basic Commission, the characters completed in the Basic Commissions for the group are then added to a Complete Commission. 
  • Each member of the group who contributed to the final receives both their Basic Commission print and a copy of the Complete Commission Print.
  • Additional costs would be added for any additional characters (enemies, monsters, etc), and divided between the Basic Commissioners. 
  • Group Commissions MUST be mentioned when starting the process, and a description of the final must be provided so that the cost can be divided evenly.

All Commissions include a final 8x10 print image. 
Larger prints, or additional prints carry added cost, except for Group Commissions as described above.

For any additional information about commission pricing, 
feel free to email

Important Note:  Commissions detailed above are for personal, non-commercial use only. Prices for commercial usage are similar but carry additional cost for shared copyright, or transfer of copyright as well as the signing of a simple agreement. Commercial images include book covers, web backgrounds, website character creation, etc. For further information on this, please feel free to email me at the address above.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    Back from a short vacation - with apologies!

    Well, we took a short break from running like lunatics, and are now trying to get things sorted and posted as planned.

    Shad is taking commissions for wooden weapon replicas from video games, movies, books, comics and anime as well as medieval replicas of hammers, maces, swords, etc. Here are a couple examples:

    keyblade replicabuster replica

    All of his replicas are to scale and made of wood, painted to your specifications. Prices vary depending on the design.

    We have also been trying to sort the jewelry that we have left from UBCon and to get more of the smaller dice for earrings and charms. These went pretty quick and most ladies seemed to think that understated dice earrings were better than full sized. We are going to start selling matched d10 earrings as opposed to percentile earrings since some folks asked about these as well.

    Our squirrely plushies are in production in black, brown and tan. Some of these will be one-of-a-kind as we try and decide which ones we like best and which will hold up to machine washing. So far, the cat loves them, the dog wants them and the kids think they're super cute so we're on a winning streak in-house, haha.

    So stay tuned this week for posts here, updates to some of the pages still under construction, new products up on Etsy and possibly some more info about upcoming stuff we have in the works.


    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Name That Squirrel Contest!!!

    We have decided that "Squirrely" just isn't good enough for a name, so in order to name our mascot we are going to hold a "Name that Squirrel" contest.

    Only names entered here on this blog, on our facebook or on our deviantart account will be accepted and there MUST be some method of contact if you want to receive a prize.

    Prizes are -

    First place:
    • One 8x10 print of your choice from Vai's deviantart Store
    • And your choice of TWO of the following: a d20 necklace, a pair of earrings, a squirrel plushie OR a mini buster
    Second Place:
    • Your choice of TWO of the following: a d20 necklace, a set of earrings, a squirrel plushie OR a mini buster
    Third Place:
    • Your choice of ONE of the following: a d20 necklace, a set of earrings, a squirrel plushie OR a mini buster
    Honorable Mention:
    • A d20 keychain

    The end date is not set at this time (though will probably run until sometime in October before Mini-Con). You may enter up to three times (but may not win more than one prize). If there are multiple names that we like, we may post a poll toward the end of the contest and take the top 4 from there. If there are multiple submissions of the same name, the earliest submitted date/time will be used. Second, Third and Honorable Mention will be the names of our mascot's "squirrely cohorts".

    We will contact the Winners through the medium they used to post - meaning if they post here, we will contact through the blogger address. If they post on deviantart, we will note them there. If the post in on Facebook, we will contact through the facebook account.

    Have Fun! Be Creative! And please, feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

    Some notes:
    Colors are black, white, grey and red/russet
    One squirrel is female (yet to be determined - probably red or white)

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    New stuff!

    So after the great success of the Busters and Keyblades yesterday, we will be listing commissions for both later today. We will have both higher end (for display) and lower end (for cosplay) versions and may offer a mid range as well. Shad's eternal struggle to keep the prices low while stressing his rigorous quality control rages on, haha. And for sheer kitsch value, there will be a line of mini-blades - 6 to 12 inch versions of the larger models.

    We will also be posting squirrel plushies soon. These will range in size from 6 inches to possibly 2 feet. But we had a lot of people asking at the Convention for squirrels, so we're obliging :)

    Keep checking back over the next few days for new stuff! I will be getting things up on the site as quickly as I can!


    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    UBCon XXII Day 3!!

    Well, UBCon is over, but we had an awesome time!

    We have lots of plans already for next year, and have already made plans for the Mini-Con in October.

    The Vendors were awesome and today we took the Keyblade and Buster Sword in to show around. Those went over really well! I should have pics up of those tomorrow on the Wooden Weapons page and Shad will be taking commissions for custom replicas!

    I will be putting a lot of things up on Etsy starting tomorrow to sell the prints, jewelry and other things that we have left over from the Con. If you live in the Buffalo Area, we can deliver or you can pick up.

    Thanks to all the folks who stopped by and supported us!

    We look forward to seeing you at UBCon XXIII!!!

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Great Day at UBCon XXII!!

    Back from Day 2 of UBCon 22!

    We sold a bunch of jewelry and several commissions. We also met some fantastic artists and saw some awesome cosplays!

    If you're coming to the Con tomorrow, we still have some UBCon commemorative keychains and earrings to sell, and Shad will be bringing in his Buster Sword and Keyblade for display to take commissions on custom wooden weaponry.

    Much love and thanks to the folks who came out today!


    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Back from Day 1 of UBCon XXII!!!

    Well, it was a short day today, but was a good one. We sold a couple of prints and had several people stop and ask about the jewelry and got some sales there as well, so we're pleased!

    We arrived a little later than we'd planned, but several people showed up well after 4PM, so no problems getting in and set up. We found a great table against the wall, with good traffic, so no problems there either :)

    Everyone was friendly and the con folks are very helpful, so all in all was an excellent day and we're really looking forward to tomorrow when we will have a full range of stuff out, and hopefully since it's actually the weekend, more people will be coming through.

    Here's a few pics to share as well!

    Our little table setup. The sign is lower today since we're under an overhang, but will be up higher when we get the feet cut to fit, lol. Next year - two tables for sure!

     Keychains!! Shad was putting these together while people were still showing up. Made the rack himself, too!

     Please ignore my dashboard. Just a few of the little charms we'll be selling and soon we'll have chainmail bracelets for the site as well.
    The Firebug's side of the table. I have some prints at the table, but am taking orders for anything displayed in the books :)

    So if you are in the area, and didn't stop by today, come by tomorrow Noon to 8PM to see us!

    We're located in the back left corner of the Flag Room on the Second Floor of the Student Union.

    UBCon XXII This Weekend!!

    Starting today, we will be at UBConXXII in Building 28 at the North Campus of the University of Buffalo.

    We will be there today from 4PM to 7:30PM
    Saturday from Noon to 8PM
    and Sunday from Noon to 4PM

    If you are in the Buffalo area, come in and see us at Artist's Alley
    located on the second floor of the Student Union in the Flag Room!

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011

    Long, long day...

    So today isn't even half over and it's already felt like the longest day ever!

    We've been working hard today trying to get the rest of our product finished for UBCon, and finish up on our banner. We've lost some dice along the way, but those little learning experiences along the way are helping us to make sure that the necklaces, keychains and earrings are keeping up with Shad's ridiculously high quality standards, haha. Fortunately, we don't believe in *wasted product* so the ones we can't use for necklaces and keychains will now go into the "Clock Fund" and go to use there.

    Depending on how bad this time crunch kicks us, I may end up being a product model and wearing some items we only have one or two of. Those will be up for sale here sometime next week depending on how well they are received. These are things like chainmail charm bracelets, percentile die rings and possibly my "Mage's Necklace".

    Over the next two days, I hope to get some images up of the necklaces, keychains and earrings as they are finished. And Friday night, there will be pics up here from the Con.

    Right now, I'm going to finish my Hot Chocolate and maybe go kill some things on DDO before I go back to sticking my fingers with a needle, haha.


    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    Three more days!!

    Tuesday already?! 0.0

    Well, our backdrop is about two-thirds complete, and tonight and tomorrow I will be getting it done. Today we are running out to do a few things and picking up the fabric to make the dice for the sign.

    Our tee shirts should be arriving today, and the business cards tomorrow. Shad has finished making the racks for our keychains and necklaces, and our plotting has led to the discussion of several nifty things that will be gracing these pages in the future (like clocks, wall plaques, and sculptural dice)!

    I have a 16x20 print that I will either be selling or auctioning at the Con:

    ...and several smaller prints, some framed, some not.

    We will be having our own raffles over the course of the con in addition to having items entered in the Con's Chinese Benefit Auction. These items will include keychains, necklaces, prints of your choosing from my deviantart account and possibly one of my art books.

    So lots of good things happening this week! and just a few days left until this Squirrel makes it's first public appearance!


    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Final Stretch!!

    Less than a week to go before UBCon!!

    Today (after a Michael Jackson Cabaret!) we are going to be putting together the backdrop for our table and the table cover. How I'm going to get the squirrel onto the sheets, I have yet to decide, but it should be interesting.

    I don't think I'll be able to type very well after the fact, considering I'm hand sewing the thing, but hey - I trust hand sewing more than any machine, haha.

    We should also have photos for our Weapon Replicas page soon and more pics for the dice jewelry with some extra information about colors and the like.


    We learned this morning that they will be having a Chinese Auction/Raffle at UBCon so we will be adding a few things to that as well. :)

    Gonna be a busy week!!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    We have Tees!!

    Well, the last two days have been eventful to say the least!

    Our tee-shirts are now available for purchase, and we will be sporting them at UBCon!

    You can order them HERE!!

    We also finished up our new business cards and have some great new ideas for jewelry to offer, so will be updating the site as product is made!

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    If it ain't broke....

    ...quit trying to fix it!

    I am officially done messing with the logo, haha. I think six edits in two days is enough, and I'm happy. The fur makes me happy. :)

    The plan for today is to finalize the order forms for the convention, and get the tee shirts and business cards ready for press on Friday. Rush shipping is a bitch! 0.0

    It will all be here in time for the Con though, and all we'll need to finish up is the table display - which is more of a project than it sounds like.

    We spent yesterday squirrel hunting - the plushie variety, that is. You have no idea how hard it is to find a plush squirrel! We must have looked at a dozen different places only to end up looking at the pet store of all places, and those were ridiculously over priced, so we passed. So that goes on the list for Friday as well, along with the coolest garden squirrel I've ever seen.

    And no, before you ask, we're not squirrel obsessed. Until this past weekend, I don't think we gave much thought to squirrels other than foamy and the two little ones that run around our yard. Now they keep us motivated.

    Who ever thought of squirrels as inspirational?!


    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Moving right along...

    Vai here again :)

    It's been very busy the last few days preparing for UBCon, but it's been even busier getting things set up on the site.

    So far, we have a twitter, deviantart, etsy and a facebook page. I'm not sure yet whether I want to go about messing with Myspace. Everything is moving along nicely though and we've gotten a great deal of support. I may even be able to get Shad to post updates now and again, haha.

    We shall see, my squirrely compatriots...we shall see.

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    Kismet wins again!

    Good morning and hello!

    Vai here.

    Just setting up the new site and getting things rolling.

    Watch this space for updates and other fun things ;)